Breech Position and Breech Birth: What You Need to Know

Breech Position and Breech Birth What You Need to Know

A baby in the breech position can make your penchant for a natural birth highly unlikely. That’s because a caesarean delivery is regarded as safer. Here are some of the things you have to know about breech position and giving birth to a breech baby.

What is a breech position?

A baby in breech position is described to be in a bottom down position. All babies prior to birth are in breech position. Nevertheless, few weeks before birth though they move for a head down position. For some reasons, some babies do not and stay in breech position past 32 weeks, even till the time of birth.

What can you do prior to giving birth?

There are many strategies done especially between 32 and 37 weeks. They are:

  • External cephalic version, where a doctor or a midwife turns the baby via the mother’s abdomen
  • Exercises like tilting the hips above the head while lying down for ten minutes
  • Moxibustion, an ancient Chinese technique involving acupressure points
  • Webster technique, which is a chiropractic care for tense mothers

These methods help urge the baby to move and position rightly. However, these strategies may not always work.

Giving birth to a baby in breech position

Vaginal birth remains an option when all these conditions apply:

  • Baby can be safely delivered from the mother’s birth canal
  • Baby is never too big relative to mother’s pelvis
  • Baby shows no signs of complications
  • Baby’s bottom comes first rather than feet or knee
  • Labor is progressive
  • Ready for caesarean delivery, in case vaginal birth fails or is becoming risky

Caesarean section is primarily the mode of choice when giving birth to a breech baby to prevent the risks of vaginal birth. Natural birth is risky because the last to come out is the head. The mother might be too exhausted already for a full parturition. Cord prolapse is another issue to monitor.

Getting ready for the birth of a breech baby

For vaginal birth, you need to relax and take a deep breath. Prepare yourself by avoiding stress all throughout labor. That’s because further stress could make your muscles unable to relax essentially, especially that the baby is about to be born. For caesarean delivery, you need to prepare yourself for the longer period of recovery after giving birth. All in all, whether it is by natural birth or by caesarean method, it is important that you trust yourself, the birthing process, and the people around you.


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