Five Christmas Gifts Every Pregnant Mom Should Receive


Pregnant women deserve the best gifts this Christmas.  After all, carrying another human being inside of them for nine months is not that easy.

Gifts for pregnant loved ones can go from the most functional and informative to the downright whimsical.  Think about what these women’s personalities and decide which kinds of gifts they would appreciate more.  

If you’re planning to give out something for your pregnant friend, here’s a list of the top five Christmas gifts they should receive:

1.    Book: What to Expect When You’re Expecting
This New York Times bestseller is read by millions of pregnant women worldwide.  It contains up-to-date information on the practical, physical, emotional, nutritional and sexual aspects of being pregnant.  It has helpful tips on how to survive nine months of pregnancy.

2.    Maternity Belly Band
The Maternity Belly Band provides all-over gentle support for the lower back, breasts and abdomen during the third trimester of pregnancy.  This product provides healthy support for baby while alleviating back pains for mommy.  It is a lightweight, slip-on garment that lifts weight off the pelvis and improves pregnancy posture.

3.    Belly Belt
The Belly Belt is a handy and practical product which allows pregnant moms to wear their regular, pre-maternity pants even as their belly expands.  There is no need to spend additional money on new preggy pants and trousers.  The belly belt can be attached to the buttonholes of regular jeans to give more room for the bulging stomach.

4.    Super Bra
The Super Bra has seamless, wireless contours and super stretchy soft fabric mould easily to a range of cup sizes, including Plus Size.  It is perfect for a pregnant momma whose breasts are growing exponentially with each month of being pregnant.  The Super Bra is very comfortable and can be quite a relief for pregnant women who are experiencing breast tenderness.

5.    Pampering Kit
There are joys of pregnancy, but with every happy moment, there is also pain.  Being pregnant can be uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful for women.  The best way one can help is to give a pregnant mom a pampering kit with foot scrub, belly cream, perfumed oils and bath salts.  It is also an option to buy spa gift certificates where preggy women can get a pedicure, facial or massage.

At the end of the day, it’s all about thanking these women for being fabulous enough to be a mom.  Giving pregnant mommies a gift this Christmas means you appreciate them and all their hard work at pregnancy.  Make sure you add a lot of love and holiday cheer in whatever present you are giving.



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