The Preschool Hunt Officially Begins

The Preschool Hunt Officially Begins

I have officially begun searching the appropriate preschool for our superman-wanna be.

As I have mentioned before, my husband and I decided that Miggy will start preschool at the age of 4. This means that we haven’t enrolled him at any toddler play school.

Miggy just turned 3 and he’s such an intelligent boy. He is my son so I’m not really surprised. [I couldn’t even count the multitude of arrogance the last 2 sentences produced.]

I didn’t ask my son to memorize the alphabet. I didn’t force him to count until 20. We taught him what to say and when to say things. We taught him to follow rules. We taught him to be mindful and careful of his things. Of course there are still some toy casualties but he’s been careful especially things that weren’t his. He speaks both in Tagalog and in English. How could I not be proud of that?

I have a year to prepare my child for preschool. The first step is to search and scout for preschools. We’re taking advantage of the enrollment season since most preschools are very accommodating at this time of the year.

Here are a few things I am considering:

  • Location – Preschools at the malls are out. There’s too many security issues at the mall and we’d prefer schools with gardens. Plus, it shouldn’t be too far away from home.
  • Available Service / Carpool– We want various transportation options. I am a working mother and unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of sending my son to school on a daily basis.
  • Language – We want our son to be well-versed not only in English, but most importantly in Tagalog.
  • Security – Enough said.

So far, these are the initial important aspects that may affect our decision for the right preschool for our son. Teacher-Student ratio, method and program will be discussed upon visit at the schools who passed the initial criteria.

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