Tiredness in Early Pregnancy – Causes and Solutions


Tiredness in Early Pregnancy - Causes and Solutions

Is feeling of exhaustion common in pregnancy? Yes, it is! In fact, it’s one of the first signs of pregnancy. Thus, if you experience early pregnancy tiredness or fatigue, don’t fret. Feeling exhausted is just a normal thing in pregnancy. In fact, it can be a good thing. It means your body directs you to get adequate sleep and rest, which is encouraging for the baby’s healthy growth.

If you’re wondering why fatigue is common in early pregnancy, it’s because pregnancy demands a lot of work. Since your body works to grow the baby inside, it will require energy way above the usual. Glucose is your body’s major energy source. Thus, your blood glucose level can go low.

Consequently, even if you have not actually done anything physically you feel tired since your body is doing a whole lot to ensure that the baby grows properly. Other causes of fatigue include lower blood pressure, rise in hormones, and increased blood production.

What can you do to manage early pregnancy tiredness?

  • Don’t resist, sleep!
  • Drink a lot
  • Take a nap
  • Eat a healthy diet, especially foods rich in glucose


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