When A Preschool Kid Needs Discipline, Not Punishment


When discipline is constantly equated to punishment, then discipline becomes a failure. That is why there are some preschool kids who are unbelievably stubborn and not heeding. Constantly disciplining preschool children through needless punishments can turn them into careless, coldhearted kids.

Child discipline actually means teaching your preschool child life’s essential lessons. The heart and wit of most preschool children are young and inexperienced. More often than not, they do not know how to handle situations or to discern which is supposedly right. That’s where the role of parents comes in: to teach a preschool child which is right and good and which is not.

Parents should realize that they cannot teach preschool children of the right things when they scare them with a strong fist. Kids may do the right thing not because they’ve realized it as such but because they are scared. So before you approach your child, realize first what your preschool child really wants.

Here are examples:

Child not wanting to attend preschool education. What it means: he wants you to teach him the value of preschool education. What to do: Speak to your preschool child of the role of a preschool education in realizing his dream when he’s all grown up. Like, if your child wants to become a doctor someday, then playing at home or watching TV is not the way to it, it is through starting with going to a preschool.

Child cries for a toy in the mall. What it means: he wants you to teach him how to control himself from wanting everything he wants. What to do: Bring him outside and wait for him to stop crying. When he’s done, tell him in a light tone why he can’t have the toy for now. It could be that this day is only for eating out, and on another special day it will be time for buying toys.

Child hitting others when angered. What it means: he wants you to teach him how to deal with anger without hurting anyone. What to do: do not hit your child if you do not want him to hit others. Rather, urge him to voice his disappointment with all honesty but without the harsh words.

Discipline does not mean giving your preschool kid a punishment for every mistake. It could make your preschool child to follow at first out of fright but soon he would not care anymore. Thus, when you discipline your preschool child, teach what’s right but not impose through punishment.


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