Why listening to music while breastfeeding helps soothe your baby

As a new mother, breastfeeding your baby is undoubtedly one of the most frequent – and important – bonding moments that you are your little bundle of joy will share. It is all part of baby care, the same way that bathing, clothing, and playing with your baby have all become part of your daily routine. Now, while breastfeeding, you may notice that there are times when you’re little darling becomes fussy or would refuse to settle down and nurse properly. If have already established that your baby is not sick or feeling unwell, then it may be likely that he is experiencing mood swings or is upset about something. Your little angel has good and bad moods too – just like you do. The problem is that he can’t voice out what he thinks is wrong, so he resorts to crying instead. If that happens during breastfeeding, it is a very good idea to play some music in the background. It will help pacify your baby, allowing him to get more milk instead of being distracted – not to mention put you in a much better mood as well. Here’s a quick overview of why listening to music can aid in soothing your little one:

Of music and well-being

According to many studies conducted by medical experts, music has positive effects on a baby – not the least of which is helping him calm down. A relaxing melody can soothe your baby and establish a calm environment, especially when he is trying to sleep. And of course, breastfeeding is usually an indication that you are getting him ready for bed, even if it’s just an afternoon cat nap. As far as playing specific genres is concerned, incorporating classical music in baby care has been proven to aid in the spatial reasoning of your little darling, making him smarter.

What kind of music

You’re probably wondering what particular kinds of music you should play while breastfeeding your baby. The answer to that question is actually pretty flexible: it is up to you. As long as it has a relaxing melody, you can pretty much play a wide variety, from classical to pop, all the way to country and country. Just make sure that the sound is not loud and can easily stay in the background, and it should be okay.

Breastfeeding is an essential part of your baby’s overall health. If you can help improve his development further by playing soothing music while breastfeeding, so much the better. It’s not really difficult to manage. You just need a radio or speakers on your PC – and of course some time to settle down and relax yourself.


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