This Busy Millennial Mama Loves Wearing Her Baby: Here’s Why.


By Patricia Ocampo Gonzalez

I remember the very first time I put on my sling wrap. My firstborn was probably less than three months old, and I had just started to dabble in freelance writing. I began to feel the tension between my ability to get work done and responding to the cries of my child. Things were starting to get complicated!

So I began to do my research, which, in this day and age means scrolling through the feed of the moms I follow on IG, or by visiting my favorite mom-blogger websites. ;)) Hello, millennial mother! “Babywearing” apparently, was a thing…and it looked like it was the perfect solution to my dilemma!

And so within that week, I went to the mall and bought my very own Saya Sling. It was black (which was admittedly not the best color for summer) but it was the only neutral option that was left in my size, and I wanted to buy one that I knew would match all of my outfits. And then I went on youtube to watch the tutorials. Saya had several step-by-step demonstration videos on youtube for first time babywearers. I remember watching them over, and over, and over again just to make sure I knew I was getting it right. I even practiced with a doll (as recommended by Saya as well) before I attempted to wear my daughter. While it is more complicated than it looks, once I got the hang of it, it became super easy.

And then came the moment of truth! It was time to insert my baby into the little cocoon I had created for myself with the cloth wrap. I was worried she would hate it. That she would resist, and cry, and hate me for it forever. But miraculously enough, she didn’t. In fact, she relaxed and became very still. It was as though the experience felt familiar to her, and she looked up at me with her big eyes, peacefully resting her head on my chest. Success! She loved it!

She was cozy, and my hands were free.


It was as though the entire world opened itself up to me again. After weeks of carrying my newborn in my arms, I now had the freedom to work and move without needing to leave her alone in her crib. This was the best part I think. As a new mom, I was very attached to my baby wanted to have her with me all the time. Babywearing made it so easy to keep her close.

I really believe that with babywearing, everybody wins. 😉

So if you’re like me, restless most of the day but equally attached to your infant, consider buying yourself a sling. It will not only make your life X-times easier, it will also create so many opportunities for effortless bonding moments with your baby.

For more scientific information on the benefits of babywearing, click here.

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Patricia Gonzalez is MOMCENTER’s Editor. She has two adorable daughters–ages 1 and 2, and is married to a man who inspires her to be a better woman everyday.

Beyond her work as a writer, she also an entrepreneur and manages the PR, marketing, and social media of two of her own local clothing brands, @coralswimwearph and @pearlclothingph.

She is a woman on a mission, and believes that motherhood is not limiting, but empowering. Join her on her journey by following her on instagram at @patriciaogonzalez.


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