GRACO Makes Choosing a Car Seat Easy and Stress Free

graco car seat

Becoming a mom is like learning a new language, or visiting a new country. There are skills to learn, things to buy, and ways to prepare. I remember the time I was shopping for my first born baby. I called my friend feeling very helpless and confused because I didn’t know how to make decisions about what to buy. I also felt overwhelmed by the cost and wondered out loud…”Everything is so expensive! Will I need to replace these things again in a few years?”

A major purchase for new parents includes the carseat–one of the items on a baby shopping list that has a heavier price tag. This is why as a new mom, one of the best pieces of advice that I got was to either borrow “hand-me-downs” (because babies outgrow everything anyway) or buy items that will last through the years. This is even more relevant for the more expensive items which can cost a few thousand pesos each.

The GRACO 4ever Car Seat

Understanding the challenges of new moms, the GRACO 4ever car seat was designed so that children can use it for up to 10 years. As babies develop and grow into children, the safety features of their carseats naturally evolve as well to meet their changing needs. As infants and toddlers under two years, the recommended safety position is for rear facing, after which they will they begin to use the forward facing, and then a less constricting carseat model, to eventually retiring car seat altogether. In the case of the GRACO 4ever car seat, it can transform from a rear facing model, to a forward facing model, to a high back booster, to a backless booster. This means that instead of buying 4 different car seats, mom only needs to put down money for one that will serve her family for a long time.

Beyond the versatility of the GRACO 4ever car seat, it is also extremely safe. Moms can trust that it has been side-impact tested as well as engineered & crash tested to meet or exceed US standards. The steel reinforced frame also provides strength and durability, and it has an energy absorbing foam for effective impact energy management. As moms, GRACO understands that we would never scrimp on the safety of our children, which is why they have gone over and beyond safety standards for guarantee that we can travel with our children with a lot of peace of mind.

GRACO makes the intimidating experience of shopping for a car seat easy, because new moms no longer need to worry about overspending, or needing to buy again in the near future. GRACO assures moms that their purchase is worthwhile, and that both safety and versatility are given serious consideration when it comes to their design.

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