Why You Need Mom Friends in Your Life


Motherhood is no easy journey. It can bring out the best and the worst out of us, and challenges women to constantly overcome themselves for the sake of their children. Oftentimes, motherhood can be both overwhelming and lonely, which is why there is nothing like a support group to journey with you. Here are a few reasons why having mom friends matters.

1. They make playdates more fun. There’s nothing quite like an awkward playdate that is only fun for the kids. Doing a play date with a mom friend will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. While the kids are hanging out, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and chat.

2. They understand. It takes one to know one right? Only fellow moms will truly understand the highs and lows of motherhood. Women who have been there and done that are the ones who will truly be able to empathize with your joys and sorrows.

3. They are a great resource. Need tips on baby products, pediatricians, and preschools? Your mom friend will likely have numerous recommendations to share with you. While you made decide on something or someone different in the end, it is always helpful to get a fresh perspective.

4. They keep you in check. Sometimes, we need an objective and outsiders perspective to make sure that we are not acting on our emotions or making crazy decisions. When choosing mom friends, pick women who you know you can trust to tell you when you are acting like a monster mom, or help you focus on what is positive.

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