Iya Villania Lifts Weights + Exercise Safely While Expecting


Celebrity mom Iya Villania-Arellano, is known to be a health enthusiast. Prior to being married, she is already active in intensive physical training. Married life and being a mother to their first baby, Primo, did not stop her from being active. Now that she’s expecting their second baby, Iya is still active and is even lifting weights. The very active soon-to-be mother of two frequently posts her workout photos and videos on her Instagram account.

A lot of moms surely worry over a pregnant woman and her baby doing an intensive physical workout. Is it safe to do strenuous exercise during pregnancy? Would it not cause stress to the baby? To calm you, worried mommas, down, it is safe to exercise during pregnancy. But of course, there are some things that you have to watch out for.


Consult your physician first

In all matters or concerns related to your pregnancy, always consult your physician first. If your body is used to regular exercise prior to pregnancy, there is a high chance that your physician will allow you to continue your routine. However, in some cases, your physician may advise against it, depending on your pregnancy situation. So seek the advice of your physician first to ensure that you are not putting yourself and your baby at risk.

Consume plenty of water

Your body needs plenty of water prior to, during, and post-exercise. Pregnant women should avoid being dehydrated because it can cause a reduced amount of blood flowing into the placenta. Furthermore, dehydration can also trigger contractions. The next time you do your regular routine, consume plenty of water before starting off and ensure that you have access to drinking water during and after your exercise.

Take in enough calories

Exercise burns calories, so ensure that you eat an adequate amount of healthy food. Be sure that you’re stocking up on calories so as to compensate for the calories consumed during exercise. Your body needs the energy to sustain you on your own physical activity and for your baby’s own weight gain.

Be consistent

During pregnancy, regular exercise is important. It can be as simple as walking, to as rigorous as lifting weights, but what’s important is to be consistent. Your body will find it easier when it is used to a routine rather than an intermittent exercise. Generally, pregnant women are allowed to do safe exercises for at least 20 to 30 minutes daily. But again, be sure to consult your physician first.

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