Breastmilk Turned Jewelry: Mementos Breastfeeding Moms Will Love

Moms can now have a pretty reminder of their breastfeeding journey 🤱🏻


Moms are sentimental creatures who would document each and every one of their children’s milestones and try to hoard every keepsake possible. Newborn photo? Done. The first onesie ever used? Bagged and tucked in a drawer somewhere. Favorite stuffed animal their kids can never go anywhere without? Most probably wrapped in plastic and displayed in some cabinet in their home.

And for most moms, there’s nothing that signifies motherhood more than breastfeeding. There’s no better feeling than looking into your looking one’s eyes while he’s close and feeding. Nor that satisfaction that moms get when their kids give them that juicy and cheeky smile after every fulfilling feed. So aside from capturing a million photos of breastfeeding moments, how can moms capture this special point in their lives when they are the only ones that their babies need — and that they served as a 24/7 buffet for their babies. The answer: preserve it of course with breastmilk jewelry.

What is breastmilk jewelry?

Breastmilk jewelry is personalized jewelry that gives moms a remembrance and a small keepsake to remember their breastfeeding journey by. It typically features an accent stone or centerpiece that’s filled with a mother’s breastmilk. The preserved milk stone somehow resembles an opal after although the color might also vary — ranging from white to yellow. Some jewelers and makers also add a touch of shimmer for a glittery finish.

How is the breastmilk preserved?

The process differs for each breastmilk jewelry artist, but the breastmilk preservation process typically involves expressing two tablespoons of breastmilk into a plastic storage bag and shipping it to the artist. The breastmilk is then preserved using chemicals — letting it harden, and then mixed with resin. It is then shaped and set into your preferred jewelry design.

I want!

If you’re keen on getting your own breastmilk jewelry, then here are a few options you can consider:


Online store BabyMama currently offers DIY breastmilk pendant kits. The sets include full directions and all the necessary items to create your own keepsake. Aside from breastmilk, you can also preserve other items such as your baby’s umbilical cord or hair. We’re loving this Hollyday Designs in Filigree oval.

Tender Foot Jewels

This online store offers a number of jewelry designs that include breastmilk lockets, pendants, earrings, rings, and even Pandora-inspired charms!

Pumped With Love

They offer customized jewelry made of breastmilk, hair, cut nails, umbilical cord, baby tooth, and even cremation ashes.

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Posted by Pumped with Love on Friday, 11 May 2018

Sacred Elements Jewellery

They offer DNA keepsake jewelry in a number of designs, including Pandora-inspired beads, sparkly pendants and rings, and beaded bracelets.

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