3 Reasons Why Parents Should Take More Fam Vacations

Take a peek at how some celebrity moms travel with their kids, plus perks of traveling with our family 😉


By: Anna Katrina J. Bolivar

We all have heard that experience is the best teacher. In simple ways, having a toddler experience the heat of a pan would teach him/her to never touch the pan again. Similarly, having a kid experience bruises and wounds from running carelessly would encourage him to always run with caution and watch his/her steps.

Taking the saying into a bigger perspective, taking your kids out for a vacation and exposing him/her to different culture and views can surely teach him/her a lot of things. Let’s take a look at how these celebrity moms let their kids experience the big world out there.  

Toni Gonzaga-Soriano shared on her Instagram account several photos of their out-of-town trips with her firstborn with husband Paul Soriano. Seve is one lucky little boy for having been able to see trains in real life. He’s also being exposed to art as seen in the second photo.

Some may find it difficult to travel with many kids, but it seems that spouses Cheska and Doug Kramer don’t find it challenging at all. This family of five has recently been to Amanpulo, Boracay, and Singapore.

It might be surprising to know that the former teen star Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio is an outdoor person. She travels with her husband and their son, Philip, a lot to let their son experience the heat of the sun, the roughness of the mountains, the freezing temperature of winter, and a lot more.

The scenery, weather, and everything about a foreign setting are all new experiences for your kids when you take them out. Traveling with children has a lot of benefits both to parents and children.

Stronger family ties

Traveling with the whole family creates stronger family ties. Experiencing new things with your family is a good way for family bonding. You get to share similar experiences and these would surely be moments that every member of the family would happily look back on.

Learning experiences

Your kids surely learn a lot of things in school, may it be through their teachers, through their classmates, or through books. However, nothing can beat the learning that your kids could benefit from when they go out there and experience the real world. Real world appreciation is beneficial for both parents and kids.

Exposed to the big world

As kids, they may not yet fully understand how big the world is. They are usually at home, in school, in parks, and in the malls. The way they perceive the world may not be as to how it really is. When they travel, they realize that the world out there is big and there is a lot to learn and experience.

We cannot deny that traveling might entail costs, but we also cannot deny the importance of traveling with our family. We create strong family ties as we all get to experience new things and learn a lot through real-world experiences.

Traveling does not mean going to a series of country tours, nor does it mean island hopping in a known resort. What really matters is that the whole family shares the experience and learning.

Anna Katrina Bolivar is a first-time mom to a baby girl. She’s a stay-at-home, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and cosleeping mom. She has her own blog at The Everyday Nanay. Despite all the challenges of a stay-at-home mom, she always goes to sleep with a heart that is overflowing with love for the Lord, her husband, and their precious little girl.

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