5 Ways to Moms Can Celebrate Themselves This Women’s Month

As the world celebrates us, let’s also give ourselves the appreciation we deserve in spite of days when we feel we’re at our worst. Cheers to us, moms! 🙌🏻


Mom guilt is that common feeling we get whenever we sort of put ourselves first before our family – as if they would ever matter less than the world to us. This usually takes over when, for instance, we are on that much-needed mani-pedi session and the kids are left with dad or the grandparents. Let’s not even go too far: Eating our favorite bag of chips in our hidden corner at our secret time – yikes!

While we can only really love our people more, a little self-love this Women’s Month won’t hurt! Try on these ideas to feel your best self again – even for a little while – so you could be better at what you do for the ones who matter most.

Don a new ‘do. When was the last time you rocked bangs? Those locks need a little lovin’ too! Have your hair glammed with a trim, a cut you’ve never tried before, or a dye that would catch your hubby’s attention. Most salons offer Women’s Month discounts so better treat those tresses!

Wear a different shade. Every March, the cosmetic industry is also booming with offers that make you want to change your entire palette. Who says you can’t slay in day makeup when you pick up the kids from school or run errands?

Care for your cravings. The treats you miss enjoying by yourself are most likely priced to your advantage this month! Either you have your timeout at your favorite café or have that much-needed catch-up with your BFF, make sure to have it over whatever you’re hungry for.

Have a Ladies’ Night! Your girlfriends miss having you around, and the month is just beaming with adventures for you and your mates. Whether it’s a titas’ night out at a club or a steady get-together over wine, fill your love tank with the latest on each other’s lives while having a good time.

Be one with yourself. You probably have a lot of pending to-dos in your Me Time list and this could be the perfect sked to squeeze them in. Read a good book, go for a drive, take yoga classes – the choice is yours. Do what keeps you sane. Remember, you’re still the same person you were pre-family – only with a bigger heart to love your favorite people with!

As the world celebrates us, let’s also give ourselves the appreciation we deserve in spite of days when we feel we’re at our worst. We still got this! God does not call the qualified, but He qualifies those He calls. Cheers to you, mom!

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