Team Kramer’s In Vitro Journey to a New Baby

Hoping and praying for a new addition to the Team Kramer family 🙏🏼👶🏻


Team Kramer fans are excitedly following the journey of the whole family as they work and pray for baby number four. During the early part of February, Doug Kramer shared on Instagram that they are taking steps to get Chesca pregnant again. According to Doug, Chesca’s body is now ready and healthy for another pregnancy after her two consecutive pregnancies from six years ago.  Since Chesca is already ligated, they will undergo in vitro fertilization to hopefully get pregnant again.

What is in vitro fertilization?

In vitro fertilization is a series of procedures that aims to facilitate or support the conception of a child. In natural conception, the egg is fertilized by the sperm inside a woman’s fallopian tube following sexual intercourse. In in vitro fertilization, eggs and sperms are collected from a woman and a man, respectively, and will be fertilized in an artificial environment or in a laboratory. The fertilized egg or embryo will then be implanted in the woman’s uterus to hopefully proceed with the pregnancy.

Team Kramer’s personal IVF journey

The couple continuously shares their IVF journey publicly on Instagram. The photo below shows the injection to be used to stimulate egg production. Chesca had to undergo a series of injections to stimulate her body to produce more eggs. While the first injection was done at the clinic, Doug excitedly (or rather nervously) shared that he will be administering the injection to his wife for the succeeding ten days.

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This is it! ! We will be sharing with you every step of our way to getting baby no. 4… maybe possibly baby no. 4 and 5 together! Today, we started the first injection for stimulation for more eggs to be harvested within 2 weeks. I love how we can do this journey here in the Philippines and the succeeding injections I will be conducting it at home for the next 10 days to Chesca! . Since we started the first one today, we will do a pregnancy test on April 2 or 3! Nervously excited! . Keep praying for us! Chesca may or may not get pregnant right away, it will all depend on how her body reacts to everything. . For those who still don't know, and I will explain again why we are doing the IVF. Chesca's pregnancy with Scarlett and Gavin took a toll on her body and the smart thing was to have her ligated. But now that it has been 6 years since the last birth, tests have been done to see that her body is ready for another go! All in God's time! Thanks guys! 🙏🙏 . #TeamKramerIVFJourney

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After the stimulation of egg production came the egg collection. Chesca had to be sedated for the harvesting of the eggs. Similarly, Doug also provided his share too. The doctors fertilized the egg and finally, after the two weeks since the start of Chesca’s series of injections, the embryo was transferred to Chesca’s uterus.

The procedure does not guarantee that Chesca will get pregnant right away. The chance of having baby number four highly depends on how Chesca’s body will react. With every related Instagram post, the couple consistently requests their followers to pray for their family’s new journey.

Doug also shared that they have since been receiving encouraging messages and stories from fans. Everyone is on the lookout for Team Kramer’s IVF journey and hopeful that the conception will be successful. Indeed, we are also praying and hoping that Chesca will continuously be healthy and that the IVF will be successful.

Source: MayoClinic

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