How to be a Wais Mommy this Holiday Season

Wais na mommy ka ba ngayong Pasko? Here are a few simple tips on how to be one 🙂


Do you consider yourself a wais na mommy? Being Wais means getting more for less—or great quality within budget. And there’s no bigger challenge to the wais mom than the Christmas season. With all the groceries, shopping, and gift-giving there’s definitely a lot to be done. So before you lose yourself in the Holiday spirit, here are a few wais tips to consider: 

Complete your Holiday shopping during online sales

Big online sales are a norm for popular online shopping sites, and they tend to hold one every month (ie: 11.11, 12.12). Take advantage of these sales to get the best items for your gift list and even purchase your other favorite necessities for less! But don’t forget to also do your research to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Bonus tip: Look for vouchers and codes and use them! Shopping sites typically release vouchers that can offer bigger discounts or free shipping when redeemed – perfect for the wais mom.

Go for homemade gifts!

Instead of buying a ton of “small token” gifts, you can give-out homemade gifts instead. Divide your gift list into groups – work friends can be grouped into departments, family friends can be grouped together, and so on. Then look for gifts that can be made by batches and split for all members, such as a box of brownies or sweets. This is another way to give great quality for less.

Go for home-cooked meals

We can’t deny that home-cooked meals offer more value than opting to have food delivered – because aside from paying for the food costs, we must consider shipping fees as well. So this Holiday season, why not enjoy some fresh home-cooked dishes with your family? You still get the same great quality—within your budget! You can even use it as an opportunity to learn a new recipe and bond with your family (through meal preps and cooking).

Bonus tip: Minimize Holiday meal-related stress by planning your menus accordingly, considering making large batches of food that you can reuse for different dishes, and keeping your Holiday menu plans simple and viable for you and your family.

Christmas outfit like new!

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Have a Happy Holidays, wais moms!

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