Celebrity Mamas Who Breastfeed Everywhere + How to Do So Easily

Just keep on latching anytime, anywhere, mamas πŸ˜‰

Baby and toddler foods: What`s the difference?

It's that time in your child's life when the wonders of food are reintroduced with more variety, texture, and taste. Sundry gastronomic opportunities await toddlers, not exactly that...

5 Ways Babywearing Changed Our Parenting Life

At first I thought wearing your baby around in a piece of cloth is downright scary. But fast-forward to today, it has changed our parenting life in so many ways πŸ˜‰

Is it Safe to Give Katas ng Ampalaya or Oregano to...

"Bigyan mo ng katas ng ampalaya o oregano" -- But is it ok to do so? 🧐

Baby Essentials

The first few weeks after baby arrives will be the busiest in your life. So it's good to plan early and shop for baby essentials at least a...

Unang Yakap: Why Moms Should Include It in Their Birth Plans

By: Kurly de Guzman A newborn baby’s grand entrance to this world is one of the most beautiful things moms and dads look forward to. In order to make...

Everything You Need to Know About Baby-Led Weaning in Asia

By Trisha Bautista Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) is definitely a buzzword among new parents nowadays, especially for introducing solids to infants. It has gained popularity in recent years, because of...

10 To-Dos When Visiting a Newborn in a Hospital

Before you swing by the hospital to be one of the firsts to get a glimpse (and a whiff) of this new beginning, you might want to consider the following tips for the sake of the parents and the infant πŸ˜‰

Take it Outside: 10 Outdoor Experiences to Try in Metro Manila...

By Nina Malanay There is something fundamentally healthy about being outdoors. Perhaps it’s the fresh air, the warm sunshine, or simply being one with nature. The outdoors is undoubtedly the...

See These Second-Time Moms with Their Cuties and Bumps

These celebrity moms welcomed their second-born cuties and showed off their bumps this year 😍

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