When Should My Child Start School

Are you a parent of a 3 or a 4-year old? Here are a few things you need to know about Preschool and Kinder πŸ˜‰

10 Car Seat Tips from the Mama Explorer, Paula Peralejo-Fernandez

Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act Last February, the Republic Act 112229 or the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act was signed into law. The law focuses on the...

Wormy Fact: Things Parents Should Know About Worms in the Family

Most parents are not keen on having their children dewormed for a variety of reasons. It could be that the kids do not seem to exhibit signs and...

What Single Moms Should Know About Child Custody and Support

We salute all moms out there who are doing a good job raising their kiddos without the help of a partner. And to help out a bit, here are some things single moms out there should know about child custody and securing child support.

Legal Wife Rights: What You Need to Know

By: Giulz Garcia The commitment to say β€œI do” brings the hope of a successful marriage. Unfortunately, in this age when broken homes have become all too common, marriage...

5 #FlavorYourFun recipes little chefs can do this summer

Parents are usually torn about summer vacation. Because while it allows us to wake up at a later time on weekdays, summer also means finding activities to keep...

How to Help Our Kids Understand Holy Week

By: Kurly de Guzman I had very fond childhood memories of how we spent Holy Week as a family. I remember buying palaspas on Palm Sunday outside the church,...

5 Ways Babywearing Changed Our Parenting Life

At first I thought wearing your baby around in a piece of cloth is downright scary. But fast-forward to today, it has changed our parenting life in so many ways πŸ˜‰

Moms Understand the Importance of Play with Sa Laro Natututo

Manila, Philippines – This year Johnson’s Baby brought parents and kids alike a bigger than life run of its annual Play Days program – an effort that was...

Traditional, Progressive, Montessori — Which is Best for Your Child?

As you choose a school for your kid, don’t forget to consider his or her strengths, interests and personality. Primary education is a crucial learning stage for your child, so you must only choose the best school that will maximize his or her potential.

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