Breast-feeding moms who have asthma could help strengthen their kid’s lungs

A new study claims that breast-feeding is related to better lung function in school-age kids specifically those who have asthmatic mothers. Researchers from Switzerland and the UK have...

Classical Music and Pregnancy: Bonding with Your Unborn Child

Classical music is soothing and relaxing and this is something that the baby will definitely appreciate. Any super mom surely must have known about the fact that classical...

Discover the Benefits of Prenatal Massage and Touch Therapy

Pregnancy is usually associated with an increased level of discomfort for the pregnant mom. This often calls for regular soothing massages to relieve the body of the stress...

Contraception queues encourages tensions in Philippine churches

For the past 14 years, 34-year old Lorna Villar has given birth seven times. Her last pregnancy caused her blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels. She now...

Early Signs of Labor for the First-time Mom

How would you know when you are about to give birth? In the Philippines’ rural areas, there are lots of beliefs, superstitions and practices that are related to...

Eat Smart: Pregnancy Power Foods to Include in Your Diet

By Mariel Uyquiengco When a pregnant woman eats, she does so not only for herself but for the growing little one in her tummy too. Pregnancy is the time...

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