Empowering Millions of Moms Enjoy their Pregnancy with Pregnancy +

Philips Avent, one of the world’s leading mother and childcare brand, is actively supporting parents through their journey with the launch of Pregnancy +, an application designed to...

Pregnancy and Maternity Rights in the Philippines

If you are a working or a stay-at-home mom, your pregnancy entitles you some benefits and rights granted to you by law. Are you fully aware of your...

Mythbusters Para kay Mommy at Baby

Sumunod ba kayo sa ilang pamahiing ito, mommies? 🤔

Tired of Waiting? Tips for Pregnant Moms to Speed Up Labor

Can't wait to pop that babe? Here are a few tips for expectant moms 👶🏻

How Ice Chips Can Lead To an Unhealthy Birth

Are you aware that certain hospital protocols can prevent you from achieving a healthy birth? If you are a first-time mom, you might cede to every protocol that...

The Truth about “Bigkis”

Most of us have probably heard of bigkis from our parents or grandparents as one of those hand-me-down age old beliefs in infant care. What we probably do...

Pregnancy overview: Getting an idea about your first chiropractic visit

It goes without saying that pregnancy entails a lot of changes in a woman's body. That's perfectly understandable, of course, given that your hormones and different systems are...

Pregnancy and Sleep: How Your Sleep Gets Affected in Every Trimester

Here’s what you can expect about your sleeping patterns throughout your pregnancy.

Eat Smart: Pregnancy Power Foods to Include in Your Diet

By Mariel Uyquiengco When a pregnant woman eats, she does so not only for herself but for the growing little one in her tummy too. Pregnancy is the time...

Discover the Benefits of Prenatal Massage and Touch Therapy

Pregnancy is usually associated with an increased level of discomfort for the pregnant mom. This often calls for regular soothing massages to relieve the body of the stress...

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