From Boys to Gentlemen: Raising the Next Generation of Knights

Who is a gentleman? Is he a man who gallantly opens doors for women, and offers his seat for the elderly on the bus? Yes, a gentleman is definitely...

How to Turn Meal Times into Moments of Teaching

Throughout history, across all cultures, mealtimes are considered a sacred time of the day. It is the moment when members of the family gather after hours of separation...

Teaching your preschool children good manners during the holidays

Christmas is rife with social gatherings for young and old.  Your preschool children, no doubt, are at the center of the Christmas merriment! While preschool kids' participation in...

Building Up the Bullied: How to Empower Your Kid from School...

Before the little ones are out and about conquering their own mountains, let us firstly foster for them a godly, loving, and secure environment where they can thrive as individuals. That way, no matter how they are treated outside, we can be assured that they will take the moral high ground at any cost 🙂

How to Explain Holy Week to Your Kids

These moments can be retained in your kids’ memory as a family bonding time and your family’s annual celebration of the Holy Week can add up to your family culture. Enrich your kids’ faith and knowledge of Christ by teaching it to them and getting them involved. No kid is too young to understand Holy Week.

Convincing preschool kids to pitch in the household chores

As children attend preschool, they discover things about them and others that they normally would not had they simply stayed home. Along with these discoveries come a deeper...

Mommy Diaries: Patawa Things Kids Say

These are definitely proof that kids say the darndest things. Click the link to read more funny convos 😂

Hand Doll Puppet

The envy of all the girls at daycare. Age: 3 and up This project is rated Easy to do. What you need Styrofoam ball Edging or decorative trim Small crap piece...

Parents Might Want to Reconsider Screen Time, Thanks to This App

We sometimes allow our daughter to use a smartphone, but when we do, we ensure that she uses apps that are made just for kids — such as the Discovery Kids app. Here are a few things we love about it 😉

MOMGOALS: Reese Fernandez-Ruiz

Reese Fernandez Ruiz is most famous for her role as a founding partner and president of Rags2Riches, a Fashion and Design House empowering community artisans based in the...

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