Letting young children have a blast at a Halloween Party

Every occasion-annual holiday or personal events-bring endless opportunities for young children to enjoy. Halloween is perhaps one of the yearly events most awaited by young children because of...

Keep Them Busy — Summer Activities You Can Consider for Your...

Your kids have all the energy and enthusiasm to beat the summer heat. With all the summer activities awaiting, plan your kids’ summer activities that will not only make them enjoy this summer, but also let them grow, build confidence and learn new things.

Mommy Diaries: Patawa Things Kids Say

These are definitely proof that kids say the darndest things. Click the link to read more funny convos 😂

How to Use a Rewards System for Your Kid — the...

A rewards system is a well-known parenting hack or practice wherein parents reward their kids for good behavior. But while there are a number of advocates for the rewards system, there are also naysayers. Here are a few tips on properly implementing a rewards system for your kids.

5 Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas for Your Kids

Mag-bi-birthday ba si bagets ngayong quarantine? Anong plans mo? 🎉

How to Ensure That Your Condo is Safe for Your Kids

Have you heard the news regarding the 4-year old child who fell to his death from a 39th floor balcony? Here are a few safety precautions for parents living in condos with their kids.

Non-Toys Christmas Gift Suggestions for Your Kids

Complete na ba si bagets sa toys? Then maybe you can consider these other Christmas gift options 😉

The Rod: Is Pamamalo an Effective Parenting Tool?

It might be weird to say this but if I could go back to my childhood days in my present form and knock my two cents to my...

Starting from habit: Getting over the homework hurdle with your child

How are your kids’ homework habits? 🙂

What can Moms Do to Improve Reading Comprehension

Paano ba natin masisigurado na naiintindihan ni bagets ang binabasa niya? 🤔

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