Baby Needs: Choosing the right breastfeeding equipment

Experts cannot emphasize any further how healthy breast milk is for babies. If you chose to breastfeed your baby, you’re giving him the best without spending a fortune. So investing on the right breastfeeding equipment is important to make breastfeeding easier.
Breastfeeding equipment that might come in handy includes:
  • Breast Pump. This is essential especially for working moms to ensure that the baby has enough milk until she will be able to breastfeed again.  Choosing the right breast pump depends on the lifestyle of the mother. A manual breast pump is enough if you only plan to go out once in a while. But if you decide to work right away and leave the baby for a longer period, then an electronic one is more convenient.
  • Feeding bottles. A couple of feeding bottles to store your expressed milk.
  • Nursing Bra. You would want to have at least 3-4 nursing bras for support and convenience especially when take your baby outside already for a stroll. Nursing bras are just like regular bras but the cups open or lower from the front.
  • Breast pads. For those days away from the baby and you can’t pump your milk. It helps deal with leaking breasts.
  • Storage Bags. This is for those pump breast milk that you like to store in the freezer. This will help keep your milk stay fresh for the next 4 hours or so.
  • Breast Shield. Although not necessary, you might want to have this to protect your sore nipples from all the sucking of your baby.
  • Breast Shells. This will help catch any drips to keep your nipples dry at all times. This is important to ensure that your nipples are clean and safe for your baby.
  • Nipple Cream. This will help relieve sore and cracked nipples.
Deciding to give your baby breast milk instead of formula is the best baby care you can give. Choosing to breastfeed is far easier nowadays because of the breastfeeding equipment you can use to ease the burden. Keep in mind though that breastfeeding is a commitment and it takes a lot of patience and willingness to stay in this method.


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