Be a Beachcomber


Be a Beachcomber

No kid can resist a fun day at the beach! Kids may love basking in the sun or wading in the water, but your bonding time can offer even more varied activities that will surely be memorable.

  • Hunt for pretty shells. These fascinating treasures of all shapes and colors line the shores and dune of any beach.
  1. Find a pail or basket at home, that you can use to put the shells in. Any recycled container will do, too!
  2. Keep your eyes peeled for shells of every size and color. Seashells usually line the shore, so walking right by the water will lead you to many finds!
  3. Be careful while walking on the sand–there are some instances when, along with seashells, broken glass and other sharp edges can wash up on the shore.
  4. Wear flip flops to protect your feet!
  5. Create shell games like a timed search where the one who finds the most colored shells wins a prize!
  6. Do a seashell survey at the end of the day, and award the one who finds the smallest or biggest shell gets to keep all the shells to start a collection.

Build a sand castle. Whether you attempt to build a petite chateau or a grand palace, creating your sand castle dream house with your child is a fun way to expand both your imaginations (and patience!).

  • Pack your bags with pails, plastic cups of different sizes, mini-shovels and trowels.
  • Select an area on the beach that you would like to work in. Areas that are near the water are easier to build sandcastles on, since you will have to constantly
  • move to and from the sand and water.
  • Collect some seawater in your pail and use it to wet the sand you wish to work with.
  • When sand is wet, use your hands or shovels to pack it into your cups and other molding materials. As soon as it is firmly packed, invert your mold, and gently move it up and down to loosen its hold on the wet sand. Carefully empty it so that the molded sand is planted onto the area you wish to decorate.
  • Use these simple formations to create sand into sea creatures like whales and starfish; or even crazy, complicated shapes such as pirate ships and dinosaurs.
  • Use your newfound shells to decorate your castle and make it really stand out!

Hold your own beach Olympics. The beach isn’t just a place to lay out in the sand and wade in the water. It’s also the perfect spot to get active and frolic under the sun through games that get your heart pumping!

  • Make sure to have at least three contestants. Appoint a referee who can blow the whistle to start games, time contests that require speed, and make decisions when it comes to finding out who made the finish line first.
  • Hold a relay contest on the sand where kids can run and pass sticks to one another until they reach the finish line. Use sticks or shells on the beach to draw the start and finish lines.
  • See who can swim the fastest in the water or can jump the highest over waves.
  • The winners get free ice cream at the snack shop after!


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