Boikido: Eco Friendly Toys for Learning & Fun


Because of Faye’s influence (she’s a preschool teacher), I keep buying educational toys for Anika. Feeling ko kasi, hindi nakakaguilty to indulge her of toys because educational naman ang mga yun #mayma-irasonlang

One of my favorite go-to brand for these toys is Boikido. Here are some toys that Faye’s recommending parents to buy:


Wooden puzzles

Musical instruments






I personally like this for Anika but Faye was making kontra. Too early pa daw.


So ayun, toys for your babies.

Wala akong masyadong makwento nowadays because wala ako sa mood. To tell you the truth, hindi pa ako maka-get over na hindi ako buntis. It’s so depressing because (1) I was really looking forward to having a baby already and (2) this means puros taba lang pala ang malaking mass dito sa tummy area ko. Pakker na yan. Feelingera kasi ako. I ate lots and lots of chocolates and ice cream. Feeling naglilihi, hindi naman pala. Ayan bondat tuloy. Lol.

Anyways, don’t fret my dear readers because this shall pass. I have something really REALLYREALLY EXCITING for you!!!! I will announce it one of these days! You’ll love it I swear!!!

Osha, gotta go sago (ewww! hahaha!).


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