Breakthrough ingredient makes insect repellent lotion safer for kids


Breakthrough ingredient makes insect repellent lotion safer for kids


Parents should take care in choosing their family’s insect repellent and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the different choices available today.

Check your current insect repellent and the likely active ingredient is something called N,N-Diethyl-m-toluamide, or DEET for short.

Originally tested as a pesticide for farming, DEET was developed for use by the US Army in jungle warfare . Years later, DEET found its way into civilian homes via market-leading insect repellent lotions.

So far, DEET has been the standard for effectivity. But the search has always been on for an alternative that protects just as well, yet treats skin gently.

Be informed about your insect repellent lotion

DEET has been held up as the most effective insect repellent around, though this efficacy comes with precautions  that most parents are unaware of.

For example, DEET has been known to corrode plastics, rayon, spandex and leather.

If you’ve ever wondered why your watchstrap or sunglasses fade upon contact with your skin, now you know the culprit – it’s DEET. Care should also be taken in this chemical brushing against paints or varnishes.

DEET has also been found to cause skin irritation and other illnesses .¬† Take the time to search “DEET effects” online and find out more about the insect repellent your family uses.

The approved and recommended alternative

Thankfully, research has allowed scientists to find a gentle and safe alternative to DEET.

Based on a compound found in plant peppers that naturally repels insects, Picaridin is just as effective as DEET, but does not cause skin irritation or act as a solvent.

And because it is less prone to irritate skin, Picaridin has been approved and recommended by the World Health Organization, American publication Consumer Reports, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention . It is the best-selling insect repellent base in Europe and Australia, and is widely used in the US.

Now, you too can get this effective but gentle protection for your family.

New Guard insect repellent lotion uses breakthrough Picaridin as its active ingredient – so it’s Tough on bugs. Gentle on Skin.


Benefits of Picaridin

  • Gives long-lasting protection that you can keep on your skin for a longer amount of time
  • Repels a broad spectrum of insects as effectively as DEET
  • Is colorless, odorless, and feels good on skin
  • Is non-toxic and non-irritating
  • and is not a solvent to plastics, coatings, or synthetic fabrics

Where to find Picaridin
Finally, the gentle and safe alternative is now available in the Philippines.

Guard insect repellent lotion uses breakthrough Picaridin as its active ingredient.

Guard is gentle on skin and smells powder-fresh while still keeping mosquitoes, flies, ticks, and fleas at bay for four to six hours.
For picky types, Guard is ideal as it’s non-greasy and non-sticky. Even the most sensitive ones can enjoy its protection! Guard can be safely applied on children ages 12 months and up.

New Guard insect repellent lotion is available in Puregold, Robinsons, Rustan’s, Shopwise, Waltermart, South Supermarket, and other leading supermarkets nationwide.

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