Capturing the best birth pictures


Like any celebration, giving birth is a big milestone that should be captured in order to preserve memories. Those are the first few precious moments of your baby that should be relish. Taking great birth pictures and birth video are now easier because of the technology available.

In order to capture excellent birth pictures, you must:

Be as near as possible to the action

Right before you give birth, ask the hospital already how close your husband or relative can stand near the delivery table or if they are even allowed to do so. If the distance is close enough to capture all the birth actions, then stay put. However, if the distance is too far, you can use a mid-range zoom lens to capture all the great first birth pictures from a distance. If you’re using point and shoot camera, you can only rely to whatever zooming features it have.

Consider the lighting

Keep in mind that you probably can’t use flash so just study whatever lighting is available in the delivery room. It also helps if you set the most appropriate white balance, ISO settings, and shutter speed that will give you the best lighting possible.

Opt for a camera with fast shutter speed

Since birth happens unexpectedly, you must be ready at all times and camera in tow set in the fastest shutter speed to capture all the important birth pictures.

Important birth photos you need to take

•    Labor period
•    Actual delivery of the baby
•    Cutting of the baby’s umbilical cord
•    First cry of the baby
•    Cleaning up of the baby
•    Mother’s first reaction upon seeing the baby
•    Pictures of the delivery room staff
•    First picture of the family with the baby

Birth pictures are wonderful memories that every parent should not miss out. Enjoy the experience and just click you’re camera away. For sure you’ll have a bunch of birth photos you can put on the baby album.


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