Essential vitamins and minerals your baby need


Essential vitamins and minerals your baby need


Babies need a lot of vitamins and minerals to support their fast growing body so it’s important that as parents, you ensure that your newborn is getting all the right amount of minerals he needs to develop properly, both physically and emotionally.

Below are some of the important minerals your little one need:

Vitamin D

This is the most basic vitamin your child needs. Not getting enough vitamin D can cause a baby to get a bone disorder called rickets. Sun exposure is the usual source of Vitamin D, but because of the known bad effects of excessive sun exposure to the skin, it might be not advisable to take your baby out and just give him food rich in Vitamin D.


This is one of the more important minerals your newborn needs, which he can sufficiently get from breast milk or an iron fortified formula during his first four to six months. After that time, your baby does need more iron that he can get from iron-fortified infant cereals, aside from continuing breastfeed or formula. Lack of iron can lead to anemia and behavioral problems.  


Newborn baby doesn’t need fluoride but once he is about six month old, and start growing his teeth, your baby will need fluoride to keep his teeth strong and healthy.


Zinc helps maintain the processes required for the growth of your baby’s developing body. Bread and red meat are some of the good source of zinc.


Aside from calcium, magnesium also helps your baby build strong bones and teeth. Magnesium also regulates sugar levels and repairs body tissues.

It might seem that your baby needs a lot of vitamins and minerals but no need to fret. As much as you like to give the best possible baby care, it’s impossible to give all these minerals all at once. You can start by giving your baby breast milk and preparing a balance diet.


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