Keeping up with preschool childrens studies during Holidays

Keeping up with preschool childrens studies during Holidays

For your preschool kids, Christmas is not only a time for receiving presents and attending Christmas gatherings. For most other students, Christmas also means a long end-of-year vacation. Most classes take two-week breaks, giving preschool children plenty time to frolic around the house, take a tour with the family, or do just about anything they please.

Preschool children with no pending exams are lucky because they won’t have to spend hours of their vacation time reviewing lessons. But not all preschool kids are as lucky. There are those who have exams waiting for them after the New Year, or else lots of homework.

How exactly do you help your preschool kids keep up with their school requirements while allowing them to enjoy the holidays just as much?

List down all pending holiday preschool work

Review your preschool kid’s notes for assignments, projects, and exam announcements and list them all down. This way, you would know just what’s in store for your preschool children this season, helping you plan how to tackle the more difficult, time-consuming ones.

Schedule reviews or homework once a week

Preschool children have to review, period. The question, though, is when or how often. Schedule staggered reviews for your preschool children that won’t take a whole day, so your preschool kids won’t feel strained. A once-a-week review session lasting half a day is enough to retain the core concepts your preschool children need to know for the exam. If under a two-week vacation, this translates to just two half-day sessions.

In case of projects and homework, try to do them as often as you review. Projects involving arts and crafts naturally take more effort and time for preschool children, but these are also much more fun than memorizing, so you and your preschool kids may do so as leisurely as possible.

Managing your preschool children’s work this way will lessen the pressure of finishing pending homework. Since school resumes the first week of January, it is advisable to have all homework finished before January 1st.

Some parents, however, opt to finish all homework in one sitting. This is recommended there is little homework to do. In case of children who refuse to work, however, parents could always persuade them with a promise of ice cream or movies after.

Give them a refresher before going to school

Preschool children with no exams or homework should still be given refreshers before going back to school. This is best done the day before the resumption of classes. Reminding preschool kids of their latest lessons will help them catch up with the new ones, and helps condition their minds to return to work.


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