Magazines and Books Great for Your Toddler


Magazines and Books Great for Your Toddler

Books can be your toddler’s best buddy. They stimulate creativity and critical thoughts early in your toddler. With TV, your toddler is only watching and listening. And more often than not, she may be more interested in watching TV commercials, which are mostly inappropriate for her toddler age, than watching children programs that are educational. With the right book and magazine, your toddler may even ask about the story you’ve just read or the picture you’ve shown. She is therefore more interactive than she is when watching TV.

Books and magazines your toddler will treasure

Make your toddler grow fondness in reading early in life. Below you will find some of the popular magazines and books suitable for toddler age. You can easily find them in bookstores. So, the next time you visit the mall, drop by to your favorite bookstore, such as National bookstore.

Disney Junior Magazine

Is your toddler fond of watching Playhouse Disney? If so, this magazine is for her. Both toddler girls and boys will definitely love to see their favorite Disney characters in bright colorful pages. Every month’s issue is packed with thrilling adventures. The stories are catered to toddler age of 3 to young kids of 6. Grab a copy for your toddler and make her take part in the adventures of Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and Handy Manny.

Disney Princess Magazine

Toddler girls will simply love this magazine. If your child wants to play up as a princess she will easily relate to this magazine. Disney’s heroines are kind, loving, and affectionate characters. That’s why many toddler girls out there dream of becoming like them. Get a copy of this month’s issue and your toddler will enter the world where dreams can be real. Make your little princess connect with Disney princesses, like Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Ariel. The magazine is loaded with so much happy stories best for toddler age.

K-zone magazine

Known as the country’s biggest kids’ magazine, it’s going to cheer up toddler girls and boys with funny characters, games, puzzles, and more. This magazine is definitely for the kids of any age, including toddler age. Make your toddler start out loving this magazine, which is definitely make her feel special, interacts with her like a friend, and make her laugh with the inexhaustible antics of the characters featured inside.

Brown Watson’s children books

Brown Watson’s books are the best books for toddler girls and boys. Watson’s “1000 Words and Pictures” features amusing pictures about families, home and garden, people at work, pets, wild animals, and a lot more.


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