My Little Kitchen Aid


My Little Kitchen Aid


One of the things that I got from my mom is her love for cooking and watching cooking shows. I remember sitting in the living room with my family watching Wok with Yan. It was the only show where nobody complained or asked to watch something else. Mr.Yan had a way of making de-boning a chicken fun, he had amazing garnishes and I he is also one of the reasons why I prefer using a cleaver over a chef’s knife.

Now, somehow I’ve passed on the love for cooking to my Playhouse Disney addicted toddler. The only time I can get her to sit and watch what I like on TV is when we have Masterchef or some cooking show on. She likes to play “pretend eat” whenever the camera closes in on the food. Another thing we enjoy together is poring over pages of  my Yummy Magazine collection. I even read it to her during bedtime sometimes when she gets bored with her kiddie books. She has even taken possession of my Yummy cooking pin a friend bought for me at YummyEats.

She’s at the stage where she mimics everything I do and keeps on asking “Mommy, what chu makin?” or    “Why you makin’ that?!” when I’m in the kitchen. She loves smelling the ingredients and pretends to get knocked out when she smells something awful. So, I get to have my own cooking show for her, explaining everything over a gazillion times. I even had to take her to the grocery just to explain that a broccoli is not the same as celery just because they rhyme. I think she is under the impression that I am playing whenever I’m in the kitchen and insists on “cooking” as well.  Tsk tsk tsk!

I haven’t had a chance to “christen” my new kitchen with massive cooking yet, but here are some photos in our old house.

My Little Kitchen Aid 2
She “read” the June 2011 issue even before I had the chance!
My Little Kitchen Aid 3
My Little Kitchen Aid Helping cook Sinigang for Daddy

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