“Off to work” blues

Off to work blues

I’m slowly seeing my girls’ differences. With Deye, my eldest, I never experienced morning blues when I leave the house for work. She’s always been comfortable with my mom who made it to be with us in Bahrain for sometime but with Erchelle, she’s been clingy these days that if she feels that I’d be off to work in a few, she’d start grabbing my leg, cling to me and cry. Then I’d try to divert her attention to something else like make her do her antics until I get to make her say “bye bye”. She would wave again and again and say “buh-bye” with all smiles. That’s the only time I would slowly and carefully leave the house. As soon as I’m off down the house (our apartment is on the 2nd floor), her nanny would take her to the terrace and make her do her “flying kiss”. I’d do the same one more time, one last look and I’m off!

You see, it isn’t easy when your child becomes clingy. Guilt strikes at times. At least with my eldest, she pretty much understands why her Dada & I need to be in the office but a child between the ages of one to three may not be the way to just literally go and leave the house because she is not yet capable of understanding the concept of work.

At least for the day, she gets accustomed to the routine that Mama won’t be seen around the house until 7pm. In between these working hours, another mobile phone is kept home so I can make up communicating with her. That way she also gets used to hearing my voice.

This morning, the moment she saw me picked up my bag, she said “buh-bye”, finally a tear-free happy tot. I know we are slowly getting there. She’s slowly getting used to our daily set-up. In time, I am certain she’d be like her Ate Deye…

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