On Pacifiers and Thumb Sucking: Which is Better for Baby?

Babies do not know how to soothe themselves yet, unless given the means to do so. A cuddle or a stuffed toy does well for most babies, but some need more comfort than others.
When the going gets tough, most babies choose to suck something–whether it may be a thumb or a binky–to calm them. Believe it or not, babies do get stressed out too, and they need an outlet that will help get rid of anxiety.
Sucking begins even before a baby is born. In some ultrasounds, babies are found sucking their thumb or fingers while they are still inside the womb. It only but natural for babies to have the same tendency after their birth, so there is no big reason why parents should be utterly concerned, unless their babies carry the habit when they are older.
What worries most parents about sucking is that their babies might not be able to eventually kick the habit. According to experts, a baby’s habit of sucking (whether it may be his thumb or a pacifier) will naturally fall off. However, some parents argue that giving the baby a pacifier is better than letting him suck his fingers.
The question is: Which is better for your baby?
Each has its own merits and drawbacks, and most parents would say that one is better than the other. However, the choice is your baby’s, not yours, so cue in to his preferences and learn how to adjust to it.
Some babies prefer thumb sucking over pacifier use because they can easily comfort themselves with that whenever the need arises. Unlike using pacifiers which requires adult supervision, thumb sucking can be done by a baby anytime he feels anxious or just plain bored. The downside to this is that a baby’s thumb sucking is harder to break and can be a prolonged habit.
A pacifier, on the other hand, may be given to a baby when he needs comforting. However, it is not advisable to give it your baby every time he cries and when he needs to sleep. Most parents prefer giving their little ones a pacifier as their babies are more easily weaned from it as opposed to thumb sucking. Then again, it depends on your baby whether he would let go of the habit early.
Babies need to learn how to self-soothe, and one way of doing so is through sucking. It might be too early for you to worry about weaning your little one from the habit. What is more important is that your baby finds comfort in your presence.


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