Parent and Kids Alcohol-free Brewing Happy Moments

Who says October Fest (or Oktoberfest) is not for families but only for parent or other adult beer enthusiasts? If you are crossing out October Fest from your list of fun-filled parent and kids’ day out, you are definitely missing out. Yes, there are events exclusive to parents, kids, and guests who are at least 18 years old. In contrast, there are also beer festival events, which are open to a group of young children, parents, and teens. Find out how a parent can enjoy the Oktoberfest with young or older kids.

Oktoberfest for Parent and Young Kids
Oktoberfest this year (2011) is the second time Sofitel Manila hosted it together with German Club Manila. The festival is anticipated to be different from the Oktoberfest hosted by beer giant companies. Their Oktoberfest showcases the “Munich” style. Tracing the roots of the beer festival, the first ever took place in Munich, Germany. Munich’s Oktoberfest is definitely one of the most famous and the world’s largest beer festival. In the Philippines, the event targets audience not only comprised of parents; kids are also welcome. It is marked by being focused largely on parents, kids, communities, and traditional values. There are various programs and events catered not just to parent or single adults but also to the young guests. Thus, there is a wide range of visitors – from professionals, children, parents, teenagers, to company bigwigs and guests of varied cultures.

Oktoberfest will not be complete without serving free or discounted beers and other alcohol drinks. Conversely, beer and alcohol drinking is never compulsory in this event. Children, parents, and chums can delight on non-alcoholic beverages. There are also parents-kids activities, especially on Family Day events. For instance, tent entertainment is a German-inspired program where children, parents, and teens can enjoy traditional music, dancing, cow bell ringing, and yodeling. Other exciting parents-kids activities and attractions include inflatable bouncing castles, face painting, and magic shows. A wide range of delectable foods is also available to suit the tastes of children, parents, teens, and other guests.

Oktoberfest for parent and grown-up kids
Oktoberfest more popular to a beer-loving parent is the one hosted by the country’s major beer companies, San Miguel Corporation and Asia Brewery, Inc. It is a month-long festival of activities in different parts of the country, such as Manila, Cebu, and Davao. The last kick-off party will be on October 28 in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The event is anticipated to feature a line-up of live band performances, rave parties, and discounted beers. Thus, San Miguel Corp’s Oktoberfest is a much-awaited event by parent and grown-up kids in different parts of the Philippines.


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