Parent’s guide to holiday-proofing one’s home

Parent's guide to holiday-proofing one's home

It’s the holidays once again, and in no time at all, your house would be full to bursting with Christmas ornaments, cutlers, and just about anything needed for that Christmas party or family dinner.

While you parents would always find time to decorate your home to add to the festive feel of the holidays, holiday-proofing also becomes the order of the day when little kids are around. Every parent understands the restlessness and randomness by which little children move about the house, running around without so much as a second look at what they’re about to run into. Parents and single parents would therefore find these following holiday-proofing tips useful:

Put up, or away, the china.

This is not only true this Christmas, but because you parents and single parents tend to bring out more of your lustrous tableware, vases, etc. during this season, you might want to do a double-take when you know your little ones could easily reach and break these things, and hurt themselves in the process. Parents could put your precious decorative china up a closed shelf, and stack the tableware somewhere out of reach as well. The same is true for single parents, whose children may or may not be living with them in the house.

Make that Christmas tree stable.

Every parent and single parent knows all children love staring at Christmas trees, hanging trinkets on them, or else just playing around them. Parents and single parents should put a stable base on the Christmas tree so your children won’t be toppled over in case they pull on the tree a little stronger. Watch out for the Christmas balls and other tree hangings as well–your toddler might think they’re tasty.

Protect them from electrical wiring.

Christmas lights on the Christmas tree or just about anywhere else in the house–parents and single parents must be doubly aware of the risks these pose. Aside from prone sources of fire, unattended Christmas trees coupled with unattended little children may be disastrous. Parents and single parents must not leave wirings lying around the living room.

Keep intoxicating drinks out of their reach.

Wine bottles inadvertently left open after a party, or just about any food product children are not supposed to eat, may be within their reach especially if parents and single parents are already too tired–or worse, too drunk–to notice. Make a mental note to seal all drinks and food your child is not supposed to eat before retiring for the day.

Ensure they are supervised at all times.

To ensure maximum safety for your children, make sure they’re not left to fiddle and move around the house by themselves. If you can’t personally be there, at least have an able older sibling, nanny, or relative watch over them.

Parents and single parents will do well to note these things to ensure that everyone in the house–your children especially–enjoy a safe, worry-free Christmas!


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