Party Planning on a Budget

Planning a birthday party for your kids are exciting and at the same time exhausting. Exciting, because it reveals the child in you and exhausting because you want to collaborate everything that you think in one party but yet it doesn’t jive all together. Also, (mums will agree to me) the B word, BUDGET!

The solution: decide a theme, limit your guest and stick to your budget.

The theme should be the celebrant’s favourite hobby, cartoon character or something she would appreciate. It’s her day and you want her to be happy.
You might want to consider these:

Luau party theme
Fairy theme
Pirate theme
Cowboys and Indians theme

Invite only those who is special to your child; a close relative and close friends/classmates. In this way your child won’t be overwhelmed with a lot of guest and will be able to interact with all of them.

A lot a budget for the party and stick to it! Schedule your party after lunch so you just need to serve snacks instead. Plan a menu that is easy to prepare and of course which is with in your budget.
You might want to consider these:
Chicken lollipop
Punch with Pop Rock

You may also consider lootbags but take note, lootbags are for kids only. Don’t oblidge yourself to provide lootbags for the adults. Simple gifts like sweets and treats, stationary sets, stickers, coloring book or small toys will do. A simple thank you gift for the kids will be well valued.

Just remember, no matter how big or small the party is, your child will surely appreciate it. So, stress no more fellow mums, you too deserves to enjoy the party.

For party planning and supplies:



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