Pregnancy 101: Old Wives’ Tales


Pregnancy 101 Old Wives' Tales

That nine-month-long wait called pregnancy causes so much excitement, and with that, the yearning of every expectant mother to shed light to certain questions about this stage and to know more about their baby. While doctors and books give pregnancy facts, expectant moms will also consult other moms about whats, whys, and hows of pregnancy–old wives’ tales, as they are commonly called.

From the name, these beliefs either stem for long-standing beliefs or experiences, which means that they are not necessarily factual, and that they apply to all women during pregnancy. It pays, however, to know a bit more about these so-called pregnancy tales and judge for yourself:


Women who supposedly experience heartburn during pregnancy will give birth to a baby with a full head of hair!

Umbilical Cord

Women who lift their hands above their head during pregnancy will result in the umbilical cord choking the baby. The fact: a third of babies get tangled in the umbilical cord especially if they move around a lot during pregnancy.

The craving curse against husbands

Supposedly, a person who denies a woman her cravings during pregnancy will develop a sty in the eye. Other versions of the tale are less particular with the sty; they simply say that it is bad luck to not give in to a woman’s cravings during pregnancy.

Heart Rate

This tale says that a heart rate of 140 bpm and higher means your baby is a girl, while a lower level suggests a boy.

Ugly Baby!

This pregnancy tale says that women who look at ugly people too much have a tendency to develop ugly babies. Some versions of the exact opposite also exist–women are encouraged to look at someone (even just a photo) beautiful, because their babies are believed to come out resembling that person.

Bathing is bad for you!

This pregnancy tale says that bathing for moms is prohibited during pregnancy, as it may be harmful for the baby. In truth, taking baths, if anything, are even more essential during pregnancy to keep the woman’s body clean.

Full moon labor

This pregnancy tale suggests that a full moon will trigger childbirth.

Mom’s Face

A narrow, long face suggests a boy, while a round face suggests a baby girl.

Spoons, scissors, and bows

This pregnancy tale suggests that women who place wooden spoons and scissors under their bed and a pink bow under their pillow will have a baby girl.

Leg size and shape

Lean legs supposedly mean a girl. On the contrary, big legs in women during pregnancy mean a boy.


Moody women are supposedly having a girl, while a happier disposition means a boy.


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