Preschool transitions 101: Helping your child deal with daycare blues

Preschool transitions 101 Helping your child deal with daycare blues

Leaving the comfort of home for the first time is one of the most challenging experiences a preschool child has to go through. While it may be understandably unsettling for any mother to be separated from her little angel, there is no doubt that the stress is ten times worse for the preschooler. Imagine, sending your little darling to a daycare means that he’ll be in a new place, with total strangers and with strange rules. Of course the thought is bound to be upsetting. And just like many things about taking care of a preschool child, preschool education is one of the things that need proper transition. You can help your little one gradually look forward to his new environment if you’re upbeat and optimistic about his going to the daycare. There are also a number of things you can do to help the transition easier for your preschool child. Here are just a few of them:

Bring his favorite toy

Holding on to something very endearing and familiar to him will help your preschooler keep calm when he arrives at the daycare center and see many new faces. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you bring along his favorite toy or stuff animal. You can even let him hold it while you walk him to the center and encourage him with songs or little games.

Arrive earlier

It’s a known fact that preschool children get easily entertained playing with other children or engaging in a fun new activity. You might want to consider trooping to the center about 15 or 20 minutes ahead of the scheduled class time. That way, there’s less likely chance that your little angel will protest your leaving when he’s already busy building tower on colorful wooden blocks, or he’s preoccupied drawing in the arts table.

Be firm about your decision

It will only do more harm than good for the early preschool education of your little angel if you keep wavering between leaving him in the daycare and watching him through the windows. This might create confusing feelings not only for your little one but also for you. It is best if, from the start, you simply assure yourself that your preschool child is save in the center and you just pick him up after classes are over.

Going to a daycare center poses a lot of challenges for anyone in preschool. More than anything, the problem may lie in the fact that your little darling will be separated from you for the first time. So to help him get through his blues just make him feel that you’ll always be there for him.


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