Preschoolers Friendly Lunch Ideas that will make them want for more!

Preschool children are active by nature and needs more energy and nutrients to keep them going all day. That is why it’s important for you to think of different lunch meals that are not only healthy but also taste and look good too.

  • Determine the food combination. You can mix and match different dishes to give variation. But it should always include a main dish, fruit or vegetable, and something sweet for dessert. This will make the preparation easier on your part.
  • Create a list together with your preschool. Update it every once in a while as his/her wants and needs change.
  • You can prepare it ahead of time. For instance, you can cook a bit more for dinner such as chicken or macaroni and cheese, then save leftovers in lunch box size containers and place it in the refrigerator.
  • Encourage your preschool to try new meals. If your preschool always request for a hotdog sandwich, introduce new items to avoid nutritional rut. Start with small variations like peanut butter sandwich instead of hotdogs.
  • Allow your preschool to make his own nutritious lunches. You can prepare the ingredients and let him create his own lunch. This way, he’ll appreciate the food more. 

Some lunch meals you can prepare for your preschool are:

Special Grilled Cheese
Any preschool kid will love this tasty and yummy meal. And what’s even better is that it’s so easy to prepare. Simply make your usual grilled cheese but this time you can add some ham or bacon to make it tastier.
Healthy Pizza
Kids love pizza. What’s good about homemade pizza is that you can add your own twist to make it a healthy treat for your preschool. Instead of adding too much meat you can add plenty of vegetables. You can buy ready-made crust or you can also try whole grain crust (healthier alternative) from the supermarket. Spread some tomato sauce and sprinkle some cheese and your good to go. 
Vegetable Omelets
Who said omelet is just for breakfast? This can also be a tasty treat any time of the day. You’ll need plenty of eggs and chopped vegetables like onion, mushroom, and peppers. Mix in some cheese and you’ll have a healthy meal in a flash.
Preschools are usually picky when it comes to food and only eat sweet tasting food. The good news is you can still make your preschool eat his lunch by trying out different recipes that are pleasing to his eyes and also healthy enough for everyday diet. A little creativity is what you’ll need to make hundreds of variation your preschool can try.


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