Quick, Use Your Imagination!

Perhaps the thing that is missing in many toys today is the opportunity to create something new.

There are many building sets and they come with very strict directions on what to make and how to do it. Many parents encourage children to follow the directions (great thing since learning to follow directions is very important to do).

Unfortunately, after the item is made the child may not be allowed or encouraged to take it apart and make something else. This act would develop the idea that you learn a skill then apply it to solve another problem.

Ingenuity and creative thinking isn’t taught in books. We all have to start making things and creating. See what Monty and Rachel created just by using their imagination!

Monty’s Rufus Express

Monty used some very simple items from his house to make this Rufus Express. What’s best is that he knows that he can make something that is useful and fun.

What he used:

  • Box
  • 4 Matchbox cars
  • 3 strips of double sided tape

How to make it:

  1. Run the strips of double sided tape lengthwise on the bottom of the box.
  2. Stick the car (wheels down) to the tape at each corner of the box.

Rachel’s Little City

Rachel used a cardboard a few boxes, some stones and some beads to make the Little City for her little dolls.

What she used:

  • One sheet of card
  • Three small boxes of varying sizes
  • Some stones
  • Some glass beads
  • Tape

How she made it:

  1. Tape the cardboard boxes down to the card where you want them to be.
  2. You can cut the boxes to the sizes and shapes that you like.
  3. Place all the smaller items in the city.


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