Sex during Pregnancy: To Do or Not To Do

There are a lot people who argue that sex during pregnancy will do nothing but harm the baby. This is why a lot of couples choose to wait after pregnancy which is a grueling nine months or so. This can add a lot of strain to a couple’s relationship as if the strain from the pregnancy is not enough. This is the reason why couples should start reading facts regarding pregnancy and sex instead of just relying to other pregnancy stories. This article aims to explain about the effects of pregnancy to the sex life of a couple and if it is really safe or not.

The first thing that couples should understand that generally, it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. However, there are some cases wherein there should be no direct sexual contact between couples because it can be harmful for both the baby and the mother. If the mother is going through a difficult pregnancy, which can either be a prolonged or premature one, then couples should not have sex. This is why when it comes to sex; the mother should first go to her ob-gyn to get a check-up. Couples should never take risk of having complications over having sex. Remember that one can never be too safe when it comes to a pregnancy.

Statistics show that there are more mothers who are experiencing a normal delivery than a pregnancy with complications. This is why there are probably a lot more mothers-to-be who are concerned about having sex during pregnancy. This is why aside from making sure that sex is safe during pregnancy, it is also important to read about the effects of pregnancy to a sex life of a couple.

One physiological change that mothers can expect during pregnancy is an increase in vaginal discharge and odor. Some men might find it a turn off which would probably result to an erectile dysfunction. Also women might find it hard to have sex since being pregnant itself is stressful enough. The breasts might also be painful to touch during the first few weeks of pregnancy which is quite incapacitating for some couples. This is why it is best for couples to do everything else but have direct sexual contact. This is the time to play with each other’s bodies and start getting experimental to produce alternatives to having direct sex.

Undergoing a pregnancy is not only tough to mothers but also to their partners. However, no matter how tough it gets, parents should remember to put their safety and their babies’ safety first more than anything else even after pregnancy.


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