Teaching Your Preschool Kid Honesty

Teaching Your Preschool Kid Honesty

They’re tiny and cute. Charming and cuddly. But once they twist the truth, it’s time to have a hear-to-heart talk with your preschool kid.

A little fib could turn into a big fat lie. Parents of preschool children need to make sure that their preschool kids don’t cross the dishonesty border. Teaching honesty by example is the most effective way of dealing with children’s tall tales. Doing this means watching over your actions, especially when in the presence of a young child.

Children need to know the importance of telling the truth. Age-appropriate language should be used to communicate the significance of honesty. Clearly-defined and suitable consequences must also be considered. And at all times, be firm with your child about the rules on lying.

In some instances, parents lead their children to lying, though not intentionally. Asking questions about something you already know the answer to gives your child the opportunity to change the truth.

Preschool kids lie for varied reasons, but the most common motivation for this is to get their parents’ attention. Spending time with your children not only tightens your bond, but it also helps thwart bad behavior.


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