Testing the Waters Before The Exams

Education is the best legacy that we can provide our children. Responsible parents strive hard to provide good quality education and support for their kids, a task that can be daunting if you don’t have the resources to check your options. The good thing about today’s technology is you can find limitless information on the net to help you prepare your kids for school.

Your quest can start with getting to know the schools around your community including admission requirements and procedures, curriculum, teaching styles and fees.  This can help you assess your child’s ability to adapt to the school environment, especially if your child has special needs, as well as your ability to comply with the admission requirements.

Assessment and admission exams may vary from school to school. Pre-school or kindergarten admission exams normally involve question-and-answers with visual cues and developmental exams. It gets more complicated once the child starts with pen and paper tests in grade school, high school and onwards.

In the US , standard requirements for a bachelors program include SAT or ACT and TOEFL. Students for Masteral or Doctoral programs require TOEFL, GMAT and GRE with minimum tests scores of 600, 700, and 2100 respectively.  Students can prepare for these tests through GMAT classes or practice exercises for GMAT, TOEFL and GRE.  Students will also face standard tests for their desired field of expertise like Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and Medical Licensing Exams for physicians, NCLEX for nurses, LSAT for lawyers, Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) for professional engineers and a whole lot more.  Review classes, practice tests and exercises that students can use in preparation for the exams may be found in bookstores or online. Practice tests can help reduce stress and anxiety during the actual test.

High scores on these exams will look good on your child’s career record and open better opportunities for your child. Providing them with moral support during their testing phases can help boost their confidence and performance.



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