Toddler-Friendly Toothpaste


As soon as the Little Jedi’s pearly whites started sprouting out, I have been religiouslybrushing it. I grew up having crooked teeth and thanks to my cousin, they were fixed with braces. But it was a painful fixing. Every time the dentist adjusts the braces, every bite was a punishment. And even if the pain is gone, eating was such a hassle. I would tear off a piece of burger and put it in my mouth rather than bite into it. I did not chew gum nor take a bite on an apple because the one time that I did the latter, a bracket fell off. I keep on telling people who want to lose weight to get braces. So with all those aches and pains of getting fab, straight teeth, I made a vow to make sure all my children’s teeth are well taken cared of.

Unfortunately, as soon as Lucas learned how to “complain”, it’s getting more and more difficult to brush his teeth. He has outgrown my mirror trick.  Sometimes it feels like I’m in drama class: I make him laugh, I fake crying or getting mad. It’s really a battle of will’s. I will, he WILL not.

One day, while I was doing a quick detour at Healthy Options, I spontaneously asked the sales lady if they have a toothpaste for toddlers, one that is safe when swallowed. She gave me Earth’s Best toothpaste, strawberry and banana flavored.



I know Earth’s Best because it is the same brand of Lucas’ first solid food. Earth’s Best is known for their organic products for babies: from food, to shampoo, to insect repellants and even chlorine free diapers. I was pretty convinced so I bought it. Later did I found out it costs 400+ pesosesoses! I texted my friend and Lucas’ dentist, Tita-Doc Pam and she gave me a thumbs up with my purchase. She said she bought the same thing for her son. She told me not to worry because 400+ pesosesoses will go a long way. I just need to smear a small amount on the toothbrush. That was a relief.

Earth’s Best toothpaste comes with a small gum brush. It has two sides: one with bristles for the teeth and the other side with soft, short “spikes” for the tongue and cheek. Unfortunately using this to the Little Jedi was a major fail. So I used his kiddie brush instead. I would normally taste first anything that I would give Lucas so I tasted the toothpaste too. It’s a transparent gel with a sweet scent. It tasted like banana. Lucas did not want to put it in his mouth at first, but when he tasted it, he started munching on his brush. He likes it!


happy brushing…again!



I let him munch on the bristles first, then guide him so the surface is well-brushed. I give him water afterwards so wash off the toothpaste. It is safe if swallowed. The toothpaste can be used for ages 6 months to 3 years.

We’ve been using the toothpaste for about a week now and there’s no more drama when I’m brushing his teeth. He is, in fact, happily “brushing” his teeth every time. Here’s hoping he’ll continue this so he won’t have to go through the same “ordeal” his Mami had. 

Now why is he brushing his teeth lying down? I have no idea.


Blog Source: Mommy Maggie’s Musings


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