“Wala Ba Kayong TV?”

Wala Ba Kayong TV
Year 2004:
“Wala ba kayong TV?”
“meron no, perong walang cable.”

Year 2007:
“wala pa rin kayong TV?”
“meron nga, meron na rin cable, pero.. ”

Year 2009:
“di ba may TV naman kayo?”
“hehehehe LCD pa nga.. ang sarap manood ng..”

And that’s what our family planning is all about. bow.

Would you believe if I tell you that we lived together for 3 years before I got pregnant? And that my pregnancy was a planned one? Of course we were doing it, hey we were doing it even before we had our 2nd monthsary. But we know what we were doing. I never got pregnant during those years. It was only in 2003 that we decided it’s about time. See? we know family planning even before we start a family.. and that’s what we thought.

October 2003 and I was the happiest mommy. I gave birth to my first born child. During my pregnancy, all I can think about is the excitement of being a mother. We never even discussed our child spacing. And when I gave birth, the pain, the trauma and the finances told us not to have another child in the next 3 years. Four years sounds reasonable to me. So it was set, 4 years.. 4 years.. 4 years..

I’m breastfeeding.. so it’s safe. Oh wait! who told us that? OK we assumed that since I am breastfeeding, I will not get pregnant. But hey, remember our TV has no cable? By the time that my first born is celebrating his first birthday, I was already 4 months pregnant with our second child.

Giving birth was not easy. It was the most traumatic and painful thing that ever happened to me and here I am again, like time bomb waiting to explode. I can’t remember how I was able to battle the 9 months wait without feeling nauseated with  the thought of having to go through labor again.. having to go through post partum again.. and having to go through the finances again. I was always nauseated that time but that’s because of morning sickness not the thought of the above mentioned.

But I did! I waited for 9 months and gave birth to another baby boy. And that’s the end of it. I said no more babies (for now). I do not know what birth control method to use, I am clueless and afraid to try anything. When we brought our second child for his BCG at the Branggay Health Center, they told me to use Injectibles (in a not so nice way I tell you), so I did. It was very cheap, only 100 Pesos and it will last for 3 months, then I have to be back again for another shot. It was very convenient but it massacred our sex life, and it introduced me to high blood. After 18 months of using it, I stopped.

My OB Gyne suggested IUD but I was afraid, so I end up with pills. That’s in 2007. Two months and more than 4 missed pills, I stopped and we relied on ryhtm method. By September of 2007, I was pregnant again. And as if history is repeating itself, by the time that our third son is celebrating his first birthday, I was already pregnant with our 4th baby, only I was on my 3rd month then, not 4th.

It’s very amusing how we end up with four kids. We both know when it is safe to do it and not. I know my cycle, I have a regular cycle. Funny that even though we were armed with that knowledge, 3 out 4 of my pregnancies were unplanned. And it is as if we never learned from each of it.. oh well except for the last one. I am not saying I regret having 4 kids, I actually feel I am the luckiest mom in the whole world for having these adorable babies, but It just made me realize that if unplanned pregnancy can happen to people who knows something about reproduction, cycle and birth control, what more to the people who don’t know a thing about it?

What more to those people na wala talagang TV?


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