What Most Filipino Moms Worry About Their Pregnancy


What Most Filipino Moms Worry About Their Pregnancy

In the Philippines, being a mom is never easy. Apart from looking after yourself, you are expected to give full and direct baby care simply because you are “the mom”. Thus, some of us can look at pregnancy as a period of intense fear and worrying. In this article, learn about the five common worries of moms in the Philippines (and why they should not upset or startle you).

Pregnancy weight gain

Pregnancy weight gain can be lurid for moms who are so much conscious about their figure. While pregnancy weight is expected to rise in the coming months, many of us are worried about how we can get back in shape after pregnancy. The reason you should not fret about pregnancy weight gain is the fact that it is the way your pregnancy should be. Your baby grows fast and his weight takes a crucial part in your pregnancy weight gain.

Pregnancy restrictions and superstitions

Apart from your doctor’s advice and restrictions, you may be overwhelmed by a plethora of old wives tales on pregnancy. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t worry about these restrictions and beliefs because soon after pregnancy you’ll realize that many of them do not mean to harm but to assist you in having a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy and career

Our society expects mom to be the prime carer of her baby. Thus, many women fear they’ll be losing a chance for a rewarding career because of this. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about your work after pregnancy, especially if you’re confident about being a highly esteemed employee. Besides, the Magna Carta of Women precludes companies from displaying any discriminatory behavior toward female employees during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and financial uncertainties

Many pregnant moms feel worried during and after pregnancy due to financial problems. Thus, any mom would feel upset and frightened when there’s no stable source of income. Despite of financial limitations, we are fortunate to have different options in our hands. Although we cannot get the bests in life, we can still get ourselves and our baby all the essential things without having to spend a fortune.

Pregnancy and health insecurities

Lastly, pregnant moms, especially first-time moms, are not yet confident about their capability as a mom. They worry if they are able to give proper baby care during and after pregnancy. Apart from the health of the baby, they are also concerned about their own health. Some would develop pregnancy complications that can compromise their health, and at rare times their life. To free yourself from worries about pregnancy complications and baby health, never miss any of your prenatal checkups.


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