Why Foreigners Love to Adopt a Baby from the Philippines


Why Foreigners Love to Adopt a Baby from the Philippines


Local adoption is not surprising because it’s a lot easier and more convenient to the adoptive parents. However, adopting babies from another country, no matter how noble, can incite curiosity. In the Philippines, a number of adoptive foreigners have given a new home to many Filipino babies. Why foreigners choose to adopt a baby from the Philippines is what this article is about.

Baby adoption as an advocacy

Adopting a baby in the Philippines is an advocacy to love and nurture babies beyond race and color. While couples want to feel the bliss of being a parent through adoption, the baby in turn is given a chance to be nurtured with utmost love and baby care.

Baby adoption based on cultural background

Foreigners prefer babies from the Philippines because they’ve known Filipinos as cheerful, courteous, caring, and optimistic individuals. Adoptive parents would choose to provide the best and well-deserved baby care to a baby who will likely grow out to be cheerful, courteous, and caring.

Easier and speedier baby adoption

The process of adopting a baby in the Philippines is easier than other countries since most Filipinos can communicate in English well. Furthermore, only one parent is required to travel and stay in the country to process the adoption. The parent can return home after 5 to 7 days of stay in the country and wait for only about 18 months to complete the process of legal adoption. Thus, they can focus at once in furnishing the child with much attention and baby care.

Availability of baby for adoption/strong>

Abortion is a vile act in the country. Thus, families who cannot sustain an adequate baby care opt to declare the baby for legal adoption. Because of this, a number of babies are awaiting for the right moment for adoption. Some children for adoption are even siblings open for legal adoption.

Ease of obtaining baby records and history

Baby care history and medical records from another country may not be easy to obtain because they are sparse or not available. In the Philippines, the adoptive parents can receive detailed medical records and history of their adopted child more readily and promptly.

We cannot deny the fact that the major reasons of Filipino parents in declaring a child for adoption are poverty and inopportuneness. Poor families who hardly get by believe that making their baby open for adoption could get more opportunities for a well-off life with another family than with them. In turn, adoptive parents look forward to nurturing and giving the adopted baby the best shelter, food, education, and a promising future.


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