Baby Week 23


Baby Proofing Your Home!

Baby proof your home! Look out for corners, edges, free standing plants or ornaments. Be wary of anything that can be pulled over, knocked over, broken, banged into, opened, eaten, fallen over, fallen off, fallen into. Once your lchild starts to move, life speeds up. You need to be always aware of where the crawling, or bottom sliding or pulling along on the arms has got him! Fire guards are necessary if you have any kind of fire, if you are doing jobs such as ironing, pop him in a playpen with a couple of toys, where you can see him and he can see you.

You may notice at this stage that your baby seems to almost stop developing in a particular area. He may not be ‘talking’ as much and he may not be studying you or his siblings as frequently. What he is doing is focusing his energies on one particular aspect of his development! If he is trying to learn to move himself around, he may pause on developing his language acquisition skills. Or vice-versa. Don’t worry if you think his development is slower in one aspect. For example, my daughter could say several words by the time she was 10 months old – but she didn’t crawl much. My son, on the other hand, could walk at 10 months but hardly spoke until he was almost two years old…Needless to say they can now both talk and walk – even at the same time! Keep in mind that as long as progress is steady, there isn’t a need to worry.  However, if significant language regression is a concern, do discuss this with your pediatrician right away.

His motor development is still going on, although on a slower pace. He is possibly trying to pass an item from one hand to another – good practice for him! Give him interesting textures to explore – and let him have fun in the bath – safely of course!

You might see more developments in your baby’s social skills this week as he is starting to initiate contact with you.  And as he is initiating contact he is also showing you that he is unhappy when you are not interacting with him.  Your baby is definitely expressing his wants and needs at this point.  He is also starting to vocalize the m-m-m sound.  So now he vocalizes “ah,” “eh,” “uh” and “m-m-m” and is building a foundation for saying his first word in the upcoming months.


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