Baby Week 31


Crawling & Looking For Comfort

Your baby is 31 weeks old today, can you believe he’ll be eight months old next week?  For me, from birth to six months with my children, time seemed to pass really slowly, but once my children hit the six-month mark, time started to fly by!  Within this seventh month, your baby has started to sit independently for a longer period of time, imitating sounds, imitating gestures and a few other skills. 

Also this month, you will see your baby pushing himself up and lifting his chest off the ground while he is on his tummy. He is able to turn to his left and right, too, as he has his chest off the ground.  All of the playtime your baby had on his tummy has paid off as pushing himself up is a step toward your baby for crawling.  Some babies start off crawling on their hands and knees and others start off with the army crawl which is mostly just upper body strength.  My son started with the army crawl for about three weeks and then got up onto his hands and knees to crawl. 

At this point, your baby will want to be on his tummy as he is mobile and able to explore the world around him in a new way.  There has been quite a bit of research done regarding the importance of crawling for babies, as it demands the use or communication of the left and right side of the brain, so continue to encourage your baby to crawl.

Another development is in your baby’s adaptive skills. When he gets upset, and he definitely makes it known and your baby will actually look for you to be comforted.  If it’s mum that has been at home, it is she who he is probably looking for when he is distressed.


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