Baby Week 46



As your child hits the 46-week mark, she shows you that all of crawling and cruising she’s done is finally  paying off.  She pulls herself up by holding onto furniture and is able to balance and let go to stand on her own.  Or, your baby may be able to get into standing position from sitting without any assistance.  It takes a lot of balance and strength from your baby to stand for even a few seconds by herself.  I remember when my daughter first stood up without holding onto anything.  She took the route of first being in sitting position and then standing on her own.  Her legs shook a little, but she stood up for about three seconds and my husband and I cheered for her and praised her endlessly!  She continued to stand alone always adding on a few more seconds each time until she took her first steps.  Trust me, this is another moment that you have to prepare your video camera!

Motor and social skills are on a roll this month as your baby is taking more initiative in interacting with you.  She has already showed you that if you take an object or toy away from her, she blatantly opposes.  Now, your baby is starting to hand objects to you and understands the reciprocation in interaction.  It’s a great time to introduce taking turns to your baby and there are a million games you can play.  Depending on the activity, turn taking is great for interacting with your baby as it harnesses  motor and cognitive skills.

Mom and dad, there is so much going on right now, but keep taking everything in stride because your baby is on her way to hitting a very big milestone in a few weeks. 


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