Toddler Week 102



Scientific studies show there is a correlation between well-developed balance skills in preschoolers and later academic success. Without good balance a child will find it difficult to perform academic tasks. Good balance is so basic to our daily functioning that we don’t even notice what an essential skill it is. At this age, children are inclined to join more advanced balance activities because the basic motor skills of walking, running and jumping have been mastered. Here are some ideas for balance activities with preschoolers:

  • Grade the balance activities that you do with your child. Start with balancing while standing still such as standing on one leg and move onto balancing while moving, for example walking on a line. The hardest balancing activities to perform are those where a child has to hold onto an object while balancing or balancing on uneven surfaces. 
  • Attempt  any of the following combinations for balancing while standing still:                                                                                                                                      
  • – Stand on one foot (remember to swop legs).                                   

    – Balance on one feet and two hands.                                                          

    – Balance on two feet and one hand.                                                              

    – Balance on one foot and one hand.

  • Purchase a few good quality balance toys. Plastic scooter motorbikes are ideal for practicing balance skills in this age group. Fisher Price’s ‘Grow with Me’ Sit to Stand Scooter is a great example of a balance toy that will serve your child well over a long period of time. Now is also a good time to get your child’s first bicycle with training wheels or a tricycle for easier balancing.
  • Give your child enough opportunities to play on outside play equipment. Crawling through tires and climbing on jungle gyms are excellent ways for your child to exercise her balance skills.                                                                                                                                                                   

Balance activities are fun to do and can  channel preschooler’s energy. Be sure to always supervise your child when she is practicing her balance skills and ensure that she plays on a smooth surface with balance equipment.


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