Toddler Week 45


Music To My Little Ears

Music is a remarkable “instrument” that can relax us, provide needed inspiration or teach our children basic learning skills.  Music also provides a common language for ALL cultures to share. 

Whether you are a skilled singer/musician or you simply struggle to keep a tune, your music is magic to your toddler.  Their brain responds to the increase in stimuli by forming neural pathways that will promote math and reading skills in the future.  Whether you are playing BACH or making up your own tune, music is significant in your child’s development.

Begin by choosing music that makes you feel good.  Your joy will inspire your child to engage.  Next, think of music as a tool that can help prepare your child for an upcoming transition.  Every time you need your child to change activities such as bath time, sing the same tune.  Your toddler will quickly associate the tune with that action.  Another useful tool is using music to teach basic preschool academics. For instance, your child learns the alphabet through the ABC song. The “Hokey Pokey” teaches body awareness and the “Wheels On The Bus” teaches simple hand motions called finger plays. Repeat these valuable songs daily to provide recall opportunities for your child.  Remember, lullaby’s are designed to soothe your toddler at bedtime, while up beat tempos can motivate him to help clean the playroom! 

Passive listening is simply hearing the music, like when you are driving a car.  Your toddler will undoubtedly want to feel the music in her body’s movement.  In the beginning, it may be necessary to model for her what music looks like; begin to sway, march, tap, clap, shake and twist to the music as it is played.  This will entice your child to do the same.  

A sensory rich environment includes exposure to a variety of music!  Share this time with your child and explore together singing, dancing and creating your own tunes. Remember to be repetitive by humming the same tunes over and over again.  Your child will thrive in an environment they can predict and connect with.  Music is a positive way to set the stage for a Happy Home!  Your toddler has an innate love of music; it is up to you to bring this gift into his life. 


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